Thomas A. Veit Jr.
Michelle Robertson
Jamie Brandt
Rob Parker
Heather Brewer
Dan Pearson
Dana Richmond
Steve Ross
Michael Eagan
Jennifer MacDonald
Christopher Bagley
Lauren Aquino
Lauren Zakielarz
Ric Feliciano
Kimberly Atwood
Vice President and General Manager
Vice President of Marketing
Senior Director of Ticket Sales
Senior Manager of Corporate Partnerships
Director of Administration & Communication
Director of Media Relations
Director of Ticket Operations
Ticket Sales Team Leader
Ticket Sales Team Leader
Ticket Sales Representative
Ticket Sales Representative
Football Administrative Assistant
Sales & Marketing Assistant
Ticket Operations Coordinator
Director of Finance

Football Operations
Galen Hall
Will McClay
Donn Beam
Mike Kelly
Charlie Bailey
Mickey Mays
Steve Carson
Mike Jones
Head Coach and Director of Football Operations
Director of Player Personnel
Team Administrator
Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
Defensive Coordinator
Defensive Line Coach
Secondary Coach
Wide Receiver Coach

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